Thirty-six women with no food, water, or air in a four-person cell in the prison on Okrestina street in Minsk, Belarus

Hanna L.

Zhanna L.

Katya K.

Tanya P.

Lena A.

Nastya B.

Olesya S.

Olga Pavlova

Polina Z.

Yulia Filippova

Yulya G.



The brutal censorship, silencing, imprisonment and suppression of dissenting voices in Belarus has captured the world’s attention, but the depth and meaning of such suppression and brutality is hard for the mind to grapple with in abstract or statistical terms. This wonderful Cell#18 Project allows us to see the scale and scope of what has been happening in Belarus through the real experiences of 12 remarkable women, whose stories offer windows into the wider spectacle of the crisis. The strength, commitment, courage and honour of these heroic Belarusians is an inspiration for us all, and I hope it will help the world focus on the tyranny and disgrace of the Lukashenko regime. Stephen Fry,
writer, actor, public figure